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Above ground pool landscaping – A pool provides a wonderful gathering space in your backyard for family activities and celebrations. Above ground pools offer all the fun of a pool without feeling the duration of an in ground pool. The creation of an attractive landscape, this helps hardscape feature mix with the rest of your yard. Instead of allowing the pool to stand alone like a sore thumb. Consider the landscape around the pool to create a backyard oasis of flowers, gardens and fun.

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Ideas above ground pool landscaping, improve the pool area with hardscape features such as patios, decking, furniture, mulch and stones to protect the area immediately around the pool from chlorine and water damage. Some options include the installation of raised wooden deck around the perimeter of the pool. The decking should be wide enough to allow easy movement around the pool, and should always include a railing for safety. Prevent grass encroachment and a muddy mess around the pool with concrete deck. Pavers provide a nice alternative to soften the hard lines of an above ground pool. Then, remove grass weeds completely install liners. And also use gravel between the pavers to discourage grass and weeds.

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Above ground pool landscaping, consider around the pool with a gravel bed to encourage drainage. This helps to eliminate the constant tracking of clippings in the pool. And also lend a polished look to the above ground pool. In addition, remove all the grass around the perimeter of the pool with herbicides. Many homeowners choose to add weed retardant plastic wrap over a gravel bed to prevent grass growth.

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